Toby Skyring
Product Designer

Westpac Wonder

The emotional journey of buying a house.

The Brief

Buying a house and getting a loan is a highly emotional journey, more so online. Many decisions are made and Westpac wanted to ensure their customers made informed decisions about the myriad of options available to them throughout the buying journey, from dreaming to finally getting the keys. I (and a very large, supportive and greatly talented team of product team) was tasked in creating this digitally for the first time, and beating the other banks to it.

Taking customers through the emotional journey of buying a house.


We conducted extensive customer research surrounding buying and owning property, to gather insights into what aspects of the lending process could be digitised for a better customer experience.

We discovered that:
•  Customers want certainty early in the borrowing process
•  Customers want to be supported throughout the entire home ownership journey, from buying from buying their first home, to funding renovations and purchasing investment properties.
•  Customers want clarity in processes, and to feel in control.

Westpac Wonder
From the user interviews we derived a set of guiding principles
Westpac Wonder
Desired property wireframe


Through a variety of loan types / configurations I created flows, wireframes and interactive prototypes that were tested on a fortnightly basis to validate and then ideate new concepts while ever striving to raise our NPS score.

Westpac Wonder
Designed with data

Leveraging data

Using CoreLogic Data, customers could choose a dream home, we could then give confidence to customers by show an estimated value to guide the loan amount.

Westpac Wonder
Dashboard wireframe of the mobile app

New Loans

As the lead CX designer on a portion of Wonder called “New Loans”, I worked closely with 2–3 other CX designers to initially just work to the simplest segment of the market / customers (Investor Loan) as an MVP approach.

As customers update their profile with information such as a salary increase, or a credit card with another bank, or the value of the property they already own changes that lending figure is updated in real time.


This was created in Axure and primarily used for stakeholder engagement and customer testing.

You can play with the prototype below or here: Prototype link

-8 to 22
2.5 to 4.5
Apps store stars
Increase in weekly sales